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We are a publicly traded company that is a leading GNSS developer and manufacturer in China. We specialize in the design and manufacture of global navigation satellite systems, including a GNSS RTK system, GIS data collector, a variety of marine surveyor products, and more.


As a China-based GNSS manufacturer, We also produces GIS data collector, marine surveyor, etc. to meet your various needs. As our surveying GPS, GNSS reference station, etc. are CE, FCC verified, their demands are on the increase in Brazil, Russia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, and so on. Besides, we are located in Guangzhou City.

Surveying GPS (GNSS)

GNSS is short for Global Navigation Satellite System.
At present, GNSS includes the American GPS, Russian GLONASS, Chinese Compass and EU's Galileo, with over 100 usable satellites.

V30 GNSS RTK System

The enclosure protection conforms to IP67 standard. The flexible flat cables are well protected with good resistance to 3m natural drop onto concrete. Even under impact or vibration, customers can use the product freely.

H32 GNSS RTK System

To offer support for the GNSS receivers, there is GNSS solution with a complete suite of programs designed for the Geomatics Office (HGO). Therefore, the standard Rinex data and raw data can be easily and flexibly processed.

V30-S Integrated Intelligent Static GPS

Function: Baseline processing, network adjustment, height fitting and detailed report.
Compatibility: Baseline mix solution, cooperation with models of other brands.

GIS Data Collector

In order to strengthen land resource management, better participate in the macro economy regulation, more accurate, abundant and real-time information about land is needed. While in-hand GPS device-GIS data collection system is the very necessary tool to make this high-efficient work come true.

Qstar 8 GIS Data Collector

Designed in light weight and dual-frequency, this product is quite convenient for the applications in power line inspection, land & resource management, forestry, agriculture, piping, underground cabling, as well as waste water management due to its capability of collecting data with high accuracy.

Qmini M Handheld GIS Data Collector

The Qmini M handheld GIS data collector is built to meet users' requirement in working under hard environmental conditions and most extreme weather conditions. It is embedded high sensitivity GPS/GPS+GLONASS receiver to ensure high accuracy and stable performance in positioning. With 806Mhz high-speed CPU, 256M RAM, 8G flash memory ...

Qpad 2 GIS Data Collector

Opad 2 GIS data collector carries Android 2.3 system and 1GB cotex-A8 processor. It is equipped with 7" high resolution 1024*600 pixels sunlight readable touch screen display which is perfectly visible and readable even in areas illuminated by direct sunlight. Coming with a large number of applications, our product from hardware to software ...

Marine Surveyor

We are a manufacturer of marine surveyor in China; our products include marine surveyor, surveying GPS and GIS data collector. We offer high-quality products at competitive price. Our company is based in China, and our full chain of manufacturing GIS solution and system project can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. More details of each product are shown on the corresponding page with description.

Echo Sounder

Echo sounder is leading the way in technology area and has dominated the Chinese market. We also established cooperation relationship with agents in Brazil, Russia, Canada, Italy, Spain and Greek.
We are a manufacturer of echo sounder in China; our products include echo sounder, system project and GIS solution.

VF Echo Sounder (HD-370 Digital, HD-380 Dual Type)
Marine Surveying Software

We marine surveying software includes ocean survey, ocean engineering construction positioning and so on. These software uses the latest development platform, covering all coordinates systems and projection methods in the world, adapting to the global market; Three kinds of sailing record model and several plan mapping ways can meet...

Marine Surveying Software HyNav
System Project

We are a manufacturer of system project in China; our products include system project, GIS data collector and marine surveyor. We offer high-quality products at competitive price. Our company is based in China, and our full chain of manufacturing surveying GPS and GIS solution can be completed in China, even in one city.

HD-CORS Reference Station System

We has built almost 300 single base stations in China, which forms almost half the CORS market. It has also built 5 CORS systems of multi-base stations in Nanyang Henan, wireless networking HD-CORS system in Guilin Guangxi and networking HaiK-CORS system in Haikou. Till now, all HD-CORS systems have run well national wide. And We has participated in lots of important projects and has played an important role in infrastructure development in China.

VNet 6 Dual-Frequency GNSS CORS System
Total Station
HD-CORS Reference Station System

The product supports the data transfer via SD card, USB pen drive, and mini-B interface.
With the backlight for the display and the keyboard, it is suitable for you to use the product in the dark.

HD-CORS Reference Station System

Manufactured with Bluetooth wireless technology, the product can be used together with any data collector for real-time communication. The software of the third party like Carlson SurvCE is also usable with this product.

ZTS-120/120R Total Station

The ZTS-120/120R total station is full-featured to meet your requirement in professional coordinate, angle, and distance measurement. It comes with intelligent calibration and optical, mechanical and electrical precision ranging system. Reflectorless distance measurement up to 350 is out of question. The total station is also equipped with high efficient absolute encoder angle measuring system.

DT-02/DT-02L Laser Electronic Theodolite

Laser and Collimation Axis - Coaxial
Visible Laser Point
Intelligent Calibration

About Us

Established in China in1999, We are a high-tech product manufacturer, specializing in the development and manufacture of GNSS products. We has established seven technical service centers and 36 branches throughout China, comprising a nationwide sales and service network. Our company employs 1100 people and has annual sales of 45.75 million USD.

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