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For the past ten years, We was rated as high-tech enterprise, technology R & D center, post-doctoral workstation, double- soft enterprise, outstanding software enterprise and reliable and credible enterprise; and get tens of patents and copyrights; double-frequency GPS receive survey technology, high-accuracy GIS data collection process technology and ultrasonic depth finder are considered "on top of the nation, reach the international advanced level" by experts; CORS survey system won the Guangzhou municipal first prize for scientific progress; get national industrial product manufacture licensing certificate and national measurement equipment manufacturing license, etc.

Certificates: TCB, CE, FCC, GOST for Russia market

CEFCCCEFCCTCBTCBTCBTCBGOST for Russia marketGOST for Russia market

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Main Products
    1. GIS Data Collector Module designed: Its friendly interface and efficient operation makes it easy to learn, and it's convenient for you to update your personal requirement.
    1. Marine Surveying Software We marine surveying software includes ocean survey, ocean engineering construction positioning and so on.
    1. System ProjectWe has built almost 300 single base stations in China, which forms almost half the CORS market. It has also built 5 CORS systems of multi-base stations in Nanyang...
    1. ZTS-120/120R Total Station The ZTS-120/120R total station is full-featured to meet your requirement in professional coordinate, angle, and distance measurement...
    1. Qpad 2 GIS Data CollectorOpad 2 GIS data collector carries Android 2.3 system and 1GB cotex-A8 processor. It is equipped with 7" high resolution 1024*600 pixels sunlight readable touch ...